Granite Finishes

 You can choose from a Random Flake Finish to a Full Flake Finish. The Random Flakes are applied so the base color is still exposed giving the floor a textured finish.  The Full Flake Finish floor is applied to rejection.   Both the Random Flake and the Full Flake floors have a protective clear coat.  Anti-skid is included.  Solid colors are not recommended, due to being slippery.  The Random Flake floor is also a good way of camouflaging an in perfect substrate.  There are three base colors to choose from; buff, light grey and dark grey.  There are Multiple Flake colors to choose from.  Advance Concrete Finishes, LLC.  specializes in seamless installation.  These floors are UV Stable (sun light will not effect the floor), and will last for many years under the harshest conditions.  This product can be applied outdoors or indoors.   

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